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Moto Doc ADV provides expertise in fixing complex muscle pathology not only in the spine but the arms and legs as well. Dr. Edward Traum brings highly refined Chiropractic therapy to help you achieve a pain-free life right where you love to be, in beautiful rural Arizona. Dr Edward Traum has worked with the United States Martial Arts team for many years and many international competitions. While traveling with the team, he has treated some of the worlds best martial artists and helped them perform better. Now, his retirement plan is helping rural Arizonans eliminate their pain where there is no easy access to this kind of Chiropractic specialty. With Moto Doc ADV, we’re coming to you, where the old west still lives in the desert southwest!

For more information about our office, don’t hesitate to contact us today at (480) 252-8714!

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New Patients

For all patients new to Chiropractic. We’re experts in our line of work; fixing sick muscles and mobilizing stuck joints. Just like any doctor, we need to basic paperwork to keep track of what we find and what we do and how you respond to treatment. This helps us get better. Find the ‘New Patients’ tab on the home page and download the patient intake for so that we can get started on fixing your musculoskeletal aches and pains. It Feels Good to Feel Good!!

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Our Services

MotoDoc brings affordable Chiropractic services to the distant reaches of the old west. If you have simple issues that can be managed with easy manual adjusting techniques or Activator tool, that cost is only $20 per person when 5 or more people can be lined up for a mobile visit. For groups less than 5 or for individual visits, the cost is $40 per person.
If you have more complicated and chronic issues that need more work, like Dr. Traum’s team mates, that cost is $40 for anyone in the group of 5. For groups less than 5 the cost is still $40 per person. There is no Medicare or insurance coverage for this remote and mobile care, but then, our work is typically less than a copay and so effective that you don’t need treatments 3 times per week!
Call ahead to arrange services.

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