Here are the basics of what most people know about Chiropractic.  Chiropractic adjustment (also known as spinal manipulation) is the way in which we chiropractors typically restore movement to the small spinal joints that create the space for nerves to exit the spinal cord.  This can be done by using their hands or a small instrument to move the joints or bring better balance to the muscles that move and stabilize the vertebrae. But we don't just treat the spine! We are hugely effective with shoulders, elbows, wrist, hips, knees, and ankles. The goals are not so much to correct structural alignment, but to induce movement in areas restricted by small, fibrotic adhesions or by muscle tone imbalances.   We know, it's complicated but luckily for you, Dr. Traum used to teach physical medicine in Mexico and China so he LOVES to teach all about his stuff.  (author's note; the patient might want to politely ask Dr. Traum to keep it simple and short).

This is why Dr. Traum prefers to work the fascia and muscle to give better results by reducing the muscle pathology that is CAUSING the imbalanced tone.  You'll want to read the tab on 'What is Fascial Manipulation" for a better understanding of how this works.

Instead of treating the symptoms of disease, chiropractic adjustments and soft tissue work are used to correct the muscle pathology so that better body functions may take place. With just spinal adjustments, this process may take more time or may not even work effectively. But with the addition of the highest quality soft tissue and muscle treatment this process can be accelerated greatly and give results that last much longer.  Dr. Traum typically says he's looking for 50-80% improvement in 3 to 5 treatments and typically he waits at least one week, maybe two before treating again.  Yes, its THAT effective.  All of this work in Chiropractic has proven to be safe and effective by a skilled professional, i.e. Dr. Traum!

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